Commercial benefits

Like any commercial organization, creating a proposition which provides a unique selling point would help a mobile service provider more easily in securing or winning large corporate contracts or winning a public tender.

Following examples show how Group 2000‘s cell barring technology: LIMA Network Protect would be a perfect extension for any mobile network operators portfolio who want to distinguish itself from the competition.

Creating a unique selling point

Substantial investments are made by mobile network providers to provide required mobile network coverage for large corporate organizations, which sometimes even have the size of a small to medium city in number of FTE and geographical area. creating a unique selling point for securing large corporate contracts.Having the ability to provide a service level agreement to these large organizations with respect to network service availability for all key personnel, even in case of a calamity, would be an unique selling point in securing contracts in the large corporate market.

Example 1

When an explosion occurs on a chemical factory, an operator would draw a polygon on a map for the area surrounding the incident. For this area the operator will disable communications for all non-essential personnel. This action ensures that no overload situation can occur on the cell towers in the vicinity of the incident and that all key personnel can keep communicating.

Example 2

cell barring to prevent data leakage through the use of an IMSI CatcherA multi-billion high-tech company is subject to espionage through the use of IMSI Catcher (a fake cell tower). Their IMSI Catcher detector solution immediately detected this espionage activity and triggered an internal protocol to prevent further data leakage. This protocol resulted in an alert to their mobile service provider, who bars with a few clicks all access classes on the cell towers which have coverage in the premise of this high-tech company.

Winning public tenders

first respondersSimilar for governmental organizations, LIMA Network Protect also provides mobile network providers with a unique selling point towards for example police and healthcare organizations, by ensuring their communication even in case of calamities. Particularly when a governmental organization launches a public tender for awarding contracts for the provision of their mobile communications, having LIMA Network Protect would make a incomparable difference with the competition.