Corporate responsibility

Nowadays many mobile network operators have implemented a sustainable business strategy with the goal to deliver meaningful socio-economic benefits for their customers and the wider society.

Today mobile devices and digital communications are powerful social goods having a positive impact on the quality of life for more than a billion people globally. The availability of the underlying networks, provided by each of the mobile network operators, are considered core assets which not only enable people to increase their knowledge, but also provides access to services which can improve peoples health and wellbeing, enhance their skill and increase prosperity for the population as a whole.

Critical infrastructure protection and resilient networks

The ability to keep core communications guaranteed available for citizens or first responders at times that it matters is an important social responsibility for mobile networks providers worldwide.

This ability is also often reflected in their annual social business reports.

With LIMA Network Protect we provide mobile network operators with an essential tool which help them, not only to actually guarantee the communications of vital groups of people at times that it matters, but also to also to actually implement their socio-economic goals.

Smart Cities

Smart cities, bringing networked intelligence to the civil infrastructure is a new domain for which Mobile Network Operators are perfectly equipped and where they can and are playing an active role. Often this is also addressed in each of the published sustainability reports. The ability to manage the network services precisely at a specific geographic area for specific groups of users, either first responders, machine-to-machine devices (IoT) or other groups perfectly matches with the goal of many mobile network operators to play a leading role in the domain of smart cities.