How it works

 LIMA Network Protect

Group 2000 LIMA Network Protect is a modular solution that can protect the mobile network against overload caused by disasters and other planned or unplanned events. Barring at cell level, LIMA Network Protect can for example ensure network availability for critical emergency services. Besides cell level barring, group level subscriber barring and control is supported for regulatory purposes.

Integrated solution

LIMA Network Protect is a complete solution for network & subscriber barring control with a central management system. It integrates with all necessary network equipment, databases and registrars, and includes a Graphical User Interface to visualize the network and affected areas.

The LIMA Management System is the central location for the administration of cell barring requests. It guides the end-user in creating requests for cell barrings based on location, address, time, affected users, types of access and specific barring methods.

The platform supports pre-definition of high risk location areas. The end-user does not require any prior detailed network knowledge. Based on the barring request, a plan is made to execute the request in the network using the appropriate infrastructure. The system allows the plan to be authorized and checked for consistency before it is executed in the network. All actions are logged and available for audit.

LIMA Network Protect will provision the authorized plan against the network infrastructure (particularly BSC’s and RNC’s). The plan can be executed immediately or can be scheduled for the (near) future as required. LIMA Network Protect notifies the operator about the results of the provisioned plan. While the plan is running, the operator can stop the plan manually or this is done automatically by the LIMA Management System based on the scheduling information in the request. The system ensures all measures are removed from the network, leaving it as it was before the control took place.

Standard compliance

LIMA Network Protect complies with 3GPP 22.011 cell barring specification and also supports vendor proprietary features at cell level through their respective interfaces. For subscriber control, standardized MAP interfaces, using default or proprietary grids, ensure easy integration in the operator network.

Flexibility and scalability

By combining multiple adapters on a single system, LIMA Network Protect can be configured to support multi-vendor networks as well as the different mobile network generations: GSM, GPRS, UMTS and LTE. LIMA Adapters are available for most network equipment found in mobile networks. Customer specific adapters can be developed on request also.
LIMA Network Protect can be deployed in a centralized solution where control is fully exercised by a single node, or in a distributed configuration. As networks expand or change, LIMA Network Protect can easily be extended to cater for the expansion or new types of network elements.

LIMA Network Protect can not only be deployed to support a single regional area, e.g. to cater a governmental request to secure a specific event, but can also be deployed as a country-wide solution covering the entire network of a mobile operator.

LIMA Cell Tower Monitor option

On top of the cell barring functionality, LIMA Network Protect can also act as a Celltower Monitor. With this optional functionality the operator can easily select and identify the appropriate celltowers on a map througcell tower actionsh a few simple mouseclicks  within the provided GUI. (Automated) actions can then be performed on these selected celltowers. Possible actions are e.g. retrieving the status of a cell or locking a cell for maintenance purposes. Through the built-in integrity check mechanism, the Celltower Monitor option will also monitor the status of the celltowers, e.g. to measure the progress of the maintenance activities during the maintenance window.
This functionality can be deployed either as a standalone functionality or combined with the LIMA Network Protect functionality.

LIMA Network Protect Umbrella option

LIMA Network Protect Umbrella is a centralized solution that manages network availability from several different Communication Service Providers.